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Lifting and Back Injury Claims from UK Claim Lawyers

Injured your back at work or in an industrial environment? Was this the cause of a lifting accident? You could claim back injury compensation with UK Claim Lawyers, the expert solicitors for industrial accident claims. Whether you have strained your back, slipped a disc, sprained your ankle or broken your wrist, if this was a result of a manual handling accident in the workplace or within an industrial setting then you could claim compensation for your injury.

The most common conditions of ill health at work are in fact back problems and they can range from mild to severe, but you shouldn’t have to put up with them – make your back injury compensation claim today with UK Claim Lawyers.

Our back injury claims process is straightforward and one of our industrial accident lawyers, will guide you through everything so you won’t need to fret. We know that back injuries can be very painful, but if the lifting accident was not your fault, it occurred in a working environment and it happened in the last three years, then you can claim back injury compensation with us. We hope that this will help to ease some of the emotional stress and pain caused by your lifting accident.

Lifting Accidents and their Resultant Injuries

Lifting, or manual handling, in the workplace can cause a number of accidents if something is done incorrectly. If you are manually transporting, supporting or handling loads in your workplace, then you will know the risks that are involved. You could be pulling, pushing, lowering, carrying or lifting an object when an accident occurs, and often this can result in a back injury. However, there are other resultant injuries that you could incur from manual handling and for which you could still claim lifting injury compensation. These include:

If you have suffered any of these injuries, or any level of back injury, from a lifting accident at work, then this could be cause for a claim. As part of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 your employer must adhere to a number of regulations that should avoid, assess and reduce the risk of these lifting accidents from occurring. If you believe your employer has neglected to follow these guidelines and it has led to your manual handling accident, then you can claim back injury compensation, or compensation for any other injury you may have suffered.

As long as you followed instructions and co-operated fully with your employer on all aspects of the manual handling task you were undertaking, then your heavy lifting claim should be successful.

Posture Back Injuries

If you work in an office you may still be at risk of suffering from a back injury due to the irresponsibility of your employer. Office equipment that is not ergonomically designed or in a broken or damaged condition could lead to posture problems, which in turn can cause back injuries. Employees that are not afforded efficient breaks and rests could also be at risk of developing injuries or conditions that prevent them working efficiently. As with all lifting and manual handling accidents, medical treatment must be sought first, but then, if you believe your condition was directly or indirectly caused by your employer, you should seek the advice of our work accident claim lawyers.

How to Claim Back Injury Compensation

If you wish to make a claim for a back injury, then contact UK Claim Lawyers today. Our team of professional and experienced work compensation solicitors will be able to help you through every step of the claim process. You will need to make sure you have seen a medical professional and have evidence of your accident occurring in the last three years. We make sure that all our claims are 100% no win no fee** so if you are not successful in your back accident claim, you won’t be charged.

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