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Bicycle Accident Compensation from UK Claim Lawyers

Have you been in a bicycle accident in the last three years? Did you suffer injuries of any kind? Are you considering legal options to put together a personal injury claim?

We understand how susceptible cyclists are on the road and in the event of a crash or mishap our solicitors at UK Claim Lawyers can help you claim compensation for your bike accident. Our expert cycling accident lawyers work on a 100% no win no fee** basis.

Bicycle Accident Claims from UK Claim Lawyers

It is estimated that every year in England, over 17,000 cyclists are killed or hurt in bike crashes and the numbers could be more with many cycling accidents not even being reported. Additionally, even though less than 10% of road accidents involve bicycles, the casualty rate is higher than any other type of accident on the road. So if you are one of those unlucky bike crash victims, claim the compensation you deserve with us today.

Some common causes of cycling accidents

Some types of cycling injuries

How to claim compensation

If you have been in a cycling accident and you would like to claim compensation for any injuries or damages suffered, then UK Claim Lawyers are at your service. The key criteria are that the accident occurred due to someone else’s fault, and occurred sometime within the last 3 years. Most personal injury claims are paid for by the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident.

In the event that the person does not have valid insurance, or is missing, claims can still be made to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau; a government body that will pay the compensation to the accident victim.

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