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Bus Accident Compensation from UK Claim Lawyers

Bus accidents may not be as common and frequent as other road accidents like car, motorbike and bicycle accidents, but crashes involving buses still occur and if you had a personal injury as a result of a bus crash, you can claim with us.

Compensation can be claimed if

You have sustained injuries in a bus, a coach or minibus, as a result of a crash,

You have been hit by a bus, as a pedestrian, cyclist, motorbike or other vehicle driver and the accident was not your fault.

You slip, fall, or trip in the bus either when travelling, climbing or getting down from the bus.

Circumstances that contribute to bus accident injuries

Collisions with pedestrians

Collisions with cyclists

Collisions with other vehicles

Reckless driving

Inexperienced drivers

Unsafe or slippery roads

No, or low, maintenance of the vehicle

Absence of safety equipment

When accidents occur in a public setting, like that of a bus crash, it is always best to get as much evidence as possible for the accident before you claim. Our professional solicitors can help you gather the information you require for making your bus accident claim.

Proof for a bus accident compensation claim

Witness accounts

Exhaustive accident details

Hospital records as proof of injuries treated

Receipts and expense bills incurred with regards to the accident.

Bus details like the number, route travelled, time and day of accident, location and details of any other vehicles involved

The name and other identification details of the driver

Bus ticket copy, if available

Photographic evidence of the accident site and injuries

Compensation claiming process

After making sure you visit a hospital and undergo treatment for all injuries, (which in turn serves as proof for claiming compensation), the accident should be reported to the bus driver, the company that they work for, and the police. Then, take legal advice from any of our experienced personal injury solicitors at UK Claim Lawyers. In most cases, the compensation will be settled by the bus company’s insurance company, but if it was the fault of another driver or person, the claim will be settled by their insurance. The one aspect to keep in mind is that the claims need to be made within 3 years of the accident.

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