Can I make a claim with asbestos lawyers UK?

Asbestos-related diseases can be minor, or they can be severe with life-long symptoms; there are in fact several different types of asbestos disease, with each one varying in severity. If you are suffering from such a disease, then you could eligible for compensation.

Asbestos compensation is available to newly diagnosed sufferers and those with historic illnesses linked to asbestos poisoning and exposure. If it can be proven that your disease or illness was caused by exposure to asbestos, and there is a negligent party such as a former employer, then it may be possible to make a claim. Your ability to do so depends largely on the other side’s current insurance and their insurance at the time of your exposure. If the other side was or is insured, then you can put in a claim with their insurance company.

How can asbestos lawyers UK help me?

The personal injury claims process is a complex one and especially so with regard to asbestos claims, because significant investigation may be required. Asbestos lawyers UK who specialise in asbestos-related diseases will have worked many cases that are similar to your own before, and that translates to an increased chance of claim success.

In addition to getting you the financial compensation that you deserve, your lawyer will be able to coordinate and medical care and support you need. This is a particularly valuable service for those who live on their own or are too unwell to manage their care themselves.

Is there a time limit to making a claim?

In the case of asbestos-related diseases, there is no time limit to making a claim with asbestos lawyers UK. Ordinarily there is a three year time limit to making a claim for a personal injury, however the law makes it very clear that cases of industrial disease are not limited by time. To ensure you have the strongest claim, however, we recommend making a claim within three years from your Date of Knowledge, which is the date your injury became clear or the date your illness was linked to asbestos poisoning. This will maximise the chances of claim success because there will be a greater chance that the former employer responsible for your illness is still operational.

Find out more about asbestos claims today

At UK Claim lawyers, we have asbestos lawyers UK who specialise in asbestos-related diseases and claims. We have a reputation for pursuing asbestos claims aggressively and we have extremely high success rates. If you would like to find out more about the claims process, or whether you are even eligible to make a claim with asbestos UK lawyers, call our free and no obligation claims helpline today on 0800 157 1438.