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Chemical Accident and Injury Claims from UK Claim Lawyers

Do you think you may have had a chemical accident or injury in the last three years? If you’ve been exposed to toxic chemicals, had chemical burns or have suffered a condition as a result of chemical exposure, you could receive compensation from UK Claim Lawyers.

Chemical injuries are one of the major occupational hazards associated with people working in certain industries like mining, agriculture and construction. Every year, thousands of workers develop different types of physical and psychiatric ailments, either due to direct exposure or close proximity to hazardous substances via the skin or by inhalation. With the advancement of the industrial sector, different chemical products are being increasingly used which exposes individuals to a variety of health ailments like metal poisoning, respiratory allergies and even cancer.

If you have suffered any form of chemical accident at your workplace, then you might be eligible for receiving compensation for your injuries with the help of our efficient team of industrial accident solicitors from UK Claim Lawyers. Our legal experts have years of experience in handling industrial claims and work on a 100% no-win, no-fee basis. The only criterion for a chemical injury claim is that the accident occurred in the last three years and is due to the negligence of another person or organisation.

Chemical Injuries and their Causes

Chemical injuries or accidents are severe and often debilitating conditions that occur due to exposure to hazardous or toxic chemicals over a certain period of time. Injuries can vary from chemical burns to lead poisoning and chronic respiratory inflammations. Workers with chemical sensitivities can have multi-organ abnormalities involving the nervous, immune, respiratory or reproductive system, and the liver if exposed to certain chemicals. Moreover, certain substances used in the workplace can be known to have carcinogenic or mutagenic effects leading to a range of debilitating conditions like infertility, lung cancer and skin cancer. Some of the most common chemical injuries and conditions suffered are asbestosis and mesothelioma, which are both as a result of exposure to asbestos. If you want to enquire about an asbestos related claim, you can do so with UK Claim Lawyers, online or over the phone.

How to Claim Chemical Accident Compensation

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