Claiming For Tinnitus – Am I Eligible For Tinnitus Compensation?

If you have suffered hearing damage whilst in employment, be it with a current employer or a former employer, then you may be eligible for compensation.

Compensation is available for all victims of injuries sustained as a result somebody else’s actions or inactions. In the case of claiming for tinnitus, you will have a strong claim if the hearing loss you have sustained can be linked to your employment.

For example, if you work in a bar that plays extremely loud music, and your employer failed to provide you with ear plugs, and you have suffered hearing loss or tinnitus, then you most likely have a claim. Similarly if you work or worked in a manufacturing plant and there was a lack of signage to warn you of a machine’s loud operating volume, and you have suffered hearing loss or tinnitus because of this, then you will likely have a claim.

Ascertaining who was responsible for your hearing loss or tinnitus is the job of your accident lawyer. When you make a claim for tinnitus, the claims process will be managed for you, so that you can concentrate on recovering. Your lawyer will build you a strong claim for compensation, by investigating your employer’s health and safety practices and by analysing the evidence related to how your accident and your injuries happened.

Eligibility requirements for making a claim for tinnitus or hearing loss

In terms of your eligibility to make a claim, there are two things you need to consider:

  1. The date your accident happened, and;
  2. How your accident happened.

The date your accident happened

The date of your accident needs to be within the last three years, or the date your tinnitus or hearing loss became clear must be within the last three years. After three years, personal injury claims become time-barred or statute barred in the United Kingdom. If you do not know your Date of Limitation, seek legal advice, because this is an important fact.

How your accident happened

In terms of how your accident happened, you cannot be wholly liable for it. You can only be partially liable at the most. If you were in no way responsible for your accident or your hearing loss occurring, which is usually the case with noise at work claims, then you will have a low level of liability and as a result a strong claim for financial compensation.

Find out more about claiming for tinnitus today

Claiming for tinnitus is something we are highly experienced in. Our tinnitus lawyers specialise in winning compensation for people who have suffered hearing loss at work. If you have suffered tinnitus, call our free no obligation helpline today on 0800 157 1438.

Claiming For Tinnitus – Am I Eligible For Tinnitus Compensation?

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