Deafness Caused By Machinery Compensation Claims

Deafness caused by machinery compensation claims are becoming increasingly common as workers who suffer this injury become more informed about their legal rights to make a claim for compensation under the circumstances.

If you are here because you have suffered a form of deafness caused by machinery at work, first of all we would like to offer a voice of compassion. Deafness in any form can be debilitating and you are not to blame for your deafness in any way. It was and is the duty of your employer to protect you from industrial deafness. They are in fact responsible for all aspects of your health and safety and wellbeing whilst at work.

Bringing a claim against a past or present employer for deafness caused by machinery is an area of personal injury law that we have a great deal of experience in. Our lawyers have helped people claim back hundreds of thousands of pounds for industrial deafness and it is your legal right to make a claim for compensation for any hearing loss at work. If you would like free legal advice with no obligation, you can call our team on Freephone 0800 157 1438.

Am I eligible to make deafness caused by machinery compensation claims?

Under normal circumstances there is a three year limit to which a personal injury claim can be brought forward. This three year limit starts from the Date of Limitation, which is the date any injuries became clear. This time limit applies to industrial deafness claims, however it has been successfully extended by lawyers before. A scenario where this works is if you stopped working several years ago and you had a loss of hearing back then, but your symptoms have recently worsened, or you did not know that you had the right to claim for compensation. A good lawyer will be able to bring your claim forward in these instances.

In terms of your injuries, you can make a claim for partial or total hearing loss. Generally speaking, the worse your hearing loss is, the more compensation you can claim.

In addition to this, if your hearing loss has brought on other medical conditions, then you can claim for these too. Insomnia, anxiety and depression are all common side symptoms to hearing loss; other illnesses will be ascertained during the deafness caused by machinery compensation claims process, and specifically through a medical examination.

How long will it take to get my compensation?

Deafness caused by machinery compensation claims require considerable investigation however many claimants get their compensation in just 6-8 weeks. A longer timeframe may be provided to you by your lawyer depending on the circumstances of your case. It’s important to remember though that you can only be provided with an estimate. Better estimates will be provided to you by your lawyer during the claims process.

Deafness Caused By Machinery Compensation Claims

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