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Industrial Deafness and Tinnitus Claims from UK Claim Lawyers

Have you been diagnosed with industrial deafness or tinnitus as a result of an industrial accident or from poor conditions at work? Thinking about the various legal options for an industrial accident or personal injury claim?

Then for all this and more, consult UK Claim Lawyers and our expert industrial deafness and hearing loss solicitors will be able to help you with your deafness compensation claim.

When working with loud industrial machines, tools or equipment, or working in close proximity to loud noises, there is a danger of damaging the ears and inner ear organs. With prolonged exposure to loud noises a number of conditions can develop, including tinnitus, temporary or permanent hearing loss, and even deafness. If proper safety measures have not been put in place by employers, then developing an industrial deafness or hearing loss condition could be cause for claiming industrial compensation. Work accidents that involve loud noises and result in temporary or permanent damage to the ears are also a case for an industrial accident claim.


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Hearing Loss and Deafness

Another ear-related condition that could be reason for your industrial compensation claim is industrial deafness. This is usually suffered as a result of loud noises or sounds in the place of work which are above the prescribed decibel level and therefore damaging to the ear organs.

The noise could be sudden and unanticipated, like a bang or explosion, or it could be over a continued period of time, like machinery noise, hammers and equipment sounds. Industrial deafness is usually a noise-induced ear problem that happens to industrial workers or construction workers when working in a factory or construction site where loud machinery is constantly used. This deafness could be partial or it could also lead to complete hearing loss. This type of industrial injury or condition can also be irreversible and so count as a permanent personal injury for which you could receive compensation.

How to Claim Hearing Loss Compensation

If you have visited a medical professional and you have tinnitus, hearing loss or deafness and it is a result of an accident or unsafe conditions that were not your responsibility, then you are eligible to claim compensation for industrial deafness. Tinnitus and industrial deafness claims can be filed anytime within three years of diagnosing and identifying the problem. Industrial accidents always require substantial proof, records and evidence, but if you’re unsure what documents you will need, our helpful compensation solicitors can help you.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re thinking of claiming tinnitus or industrial deafness compensation, or if you have any questions about industrial accident claims, just contact UK Claim Lawyers today.

UK Claim Lawyers can offer compensation for other industrial accidents and personal injuries as well. If you’ve had a chemical accident, suffered a repetitive strain related injury or contracted an asbestos related condition, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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