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Trips and Slips

Some trips and slips can be deemed to be the responsibility of another person or organisation and therefore eligible for a personal injury claim. Even if you’re unsure of whether or not your accident was the fault of someone else, if it occurred within the last three years you can enquire with a compensation lawyer to see if you can make a trip and slip accident claim.


Any injury incurred through a trip in a public place; for example, over a cracked paving stone or exposed tree root, can potentially be deemed to be the fault of the local council or authority tasked with maintaining a safe public highway. If a similar scenario occurs in work, then the injured party’s employer is culpable for any injury sustained. You may trip over a trailing cable or a misaligned mat or carpet tile. Somebody may have left a foreign object in the middle of the floor. Whatever the case, if you feel you have tripped as a result of someone or something else’s fault, you could make a personal injury claim with one of our trip and slip compensation lawyers.


Slips on wet surfaces are another major contributor to trip and slip injury claims. This is why, in bus stations, fast food restaurants and similar public places, you will often see ‘Caution – Wet Floor’ signs if it has been raining or if the floor has been mopped. These signs are as much to protect the employer as they are to warn members of the public, but it is imperative that they are placed in a prominent position for all to see.

If you have slipped on a wet surface and no warnings were in place, then you may be eligible to make a claim with one of our compensation lawyers if you’ve been injured. Use our free 30 second test to find out today how much compensation you could claim for your personal injury as a result of a trip or slip, or contact us to learn more about our expert compensation lawyers. All claims made with UK Claim Lawyers are on a no win no fee** basis, so you won’t lose anything if your claim is unsuccessful.

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