What Can Tinnitus Compensation Solicitors Help Me With?

If you have developed tinnitus or another form of hearing loss over time or even suddenly, then you may be eligible for financial compensation, if your illness was caused by somebody else’s actions or inactions. For example, if you have suffered tinnitus at work, then you may be able to make a claim against your former or current employer.

Tinnitus compensation solicitors are the people you should discuss your case with, if you are thinking about making a claim for compensation. Legal advice will be provided to you with no obligation, and among other things, you could find out:

  • Whether you are eligible to make a claim;
  • Who your claim will be against;
  • How strong your tinnitus claim is;
  • How much compensation you could be awarded;
  • How long your claim will likely take to process.

If you do choose to proceed with a claim, then the priority for your tinnitus compensation solicitors will be to get you justice. The way in which they will do this is by winning you financial compensation. It is in fact your legal right to make a claim, if you have been injured through no fault of your own, however you have to start a claim to get your compensation.

However, your tinnitus compensation solicitors can support you in other ways too. Here is a rundown of the additional support that they can offer:

Medical support coordination

If you are unable to coordinate your own medical care then your lawyer can step in and handle this for you. Your lawyer will coordinate your care by contacting the people involved in your care. The cost of this additional service will be recovered from the other side.

Financial support coordination

If your accident and your injuries are having big impact on your finances, then your lawyer can arrange financial support for you should you request it. This is a service often taken up by the claimant, because personal injuries often result in financial hardships.

If you need any other form of support from your solicitor, then ask them. While solicitors specialise in providing professional services, they are human beings too, so if you would like to phone your solicitor for advice or help, do not be afraid to do so.

Get your claim started with tinnitus compensation solicitors today

If you are suffering from tinnitus or another form of hearing loss, and this has been caused by somebody else, then you may be eligible to make a claim – you can discover your eligibility, and find out more about the tinnitus claims process, by calling our free and no obligation helpline on 0800 157 1438. Our claims helpline is staffed by experienced claims advisors who will answer all of your claims-related questions.

What Can Tinnitus Compensation Solicitors Help Me With?

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