What Makes A Lawyer A Top Accident Lawyer?

If you have been looking for a lawyer to represent you in your claim, then chances are you are having a tough time choosing. Law firms tend to write about the same things on their web

site with little to differentiate them from one another. In addition to this, the lawyers themselves tend to specialise in the same things. So choosing between them is difficult – but at the same time it is perfectly possible to sift through them and find a top accident lawyer.

How do you find a top accident lawyer? Well the best lawyers invariably work for the more successful law firms, so the best place to start your search is with a national law firm. At UK Claim Lawyers for example, we have our own in-house team of lawyers who specialise in different types of accident, and we always assign the best solicitor for the job to the case to maximise the chances of claim success. So all our clients get a top accident lawyer.

So what makes a top accident lawyer?

We would say that a top lawyer is one who has loads of case experience and a high success rate. Ideally, you want somebody working your case who has worked cases that are similar to your own before. For example, if you have been injured in a cycling accident then you will want a lawyer who has represented cyclists before on your side.

In terms of a lawyer’s success rate, this is a percentage of the amount of cases a lawyer has won. The higher the percentage the better. So if a lawyer has worked hundreds of cases and has maintained a high success rate, this is a good indication that they are a top lawyer. But it is not essential for them to have many years’ experience practicing law. It is more important for a lawyer to have lots of case experience, so look out for this first and foremost.

I do not think my lawyer is very good. Can I change?

It is possible to change to another lawyer during the claims process however considerations have to be made regarding how your old lawyer will be paid. The solution to this is usually for both lawyers to agree a ‘binding promise’ stipulating that your original lawyer can recover their fees from the other side, or from your compensation, upon claim success. If you would like to switch to UK Claim Lawyers, please give us a call to discuss this.

Get a top lawyer working your case today!

We have our own in-house lawyers who can win you the compensation you deserve. Give us a call today on 0800 157 1438 to discuss your case with an experienced claims advisor.

What Makes A Lawyer A Top Accident Lawyer?

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