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Have you been injured in a work accident?

In the UK, business owners and employers are responsible for the welfare of their staff and any visitors to their premises. The business is legally obliged to hold insurance and conform to Health & Safety regulations to ensure they meet those responsibilities. If you feel your employers have not met these obligations and it has led to an accident at work in the last three years, then you can receive compensation by making a work accident claim with UK Claim Lawyers.

If you are injured at work for any of the following reasons:

Then you may have a valid basis for a work accident claim.

Types of work accident claims

If you have been badly injured then you may find yourself needing to take an extended period of time off work, which could lead to financial hardship – another reason to make a claim for work accident compensation with UK Claim Lawyers. Even if you have contributed to your own work accident, if your employer is adjudged to have been the main instigator of your injury then you may still be able to claim work compensation. The types of injuries that we cover include, but are not limited to:

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